GBA Advance Wars Rom Download
The most strategical game for GBA. Advance Wars has great graphics and the gameplay is sort of the Final Fantasy Tactics for Playstation. So I hope you enjoy this game read also the review about it from Dual Gamer.

Gameboy advace V Rally 3  gba vrally
This rally sim is the first fully 3D game on Gameboy Advance, boasting ten licensed cars, 42 tracks and two different link-up modes for up to two players. Expect V Rally 3 to race into your hands around June 2002

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Added GBA Battery & Adaptor (Joypad) Review! It's one of the coolest and also cheapest ($6.99!) add-on accessories for Gameboy Advance! Read full review...

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Latest Flash Advance Writer Software can be downloaded here - from our site! There you can also find the users manual for Flash Advance and PreBoot menu for MultiROM cards! - GBoy -


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Official TGB-Dual English site is opened now... Has the latest official versions of TGB-Dual Gameboy emulator with 2 player and NET support. 
Zelda section now has ALL GB Zelda ROMS

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Official TGB-Dual English site is opened now...
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GBA romsDownload
GBA ROMs up to 375!

367 Golden Sun Germany
368 K-1 Pocket Grand Prix Japan
369 Super Puzzle Bobble Advance Japan
370 Slot-Pro Advance Fubuki 2 Japan
371 Nishihara Rieko no Tendou Maajan Japan
372 Kikaika Gunta - Mech Platoon Japan
373 Diadroids World Japan
374 Jitsutou Pachislo Hisshouhou Japan
375 Daimaajan Japan


GBA romsDownload
GBA ROMs up to 365!

360 Motocross Maniacs Advance
361 Akumajou Dracula - Circle of the Moon
362 Broken Sword - The Shadow of the Templars
363 Groove Adventure Rave
364 Ice Age
365 Shrek Swamp Kart Speedway


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