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351 Driven Europe
352 Mary Kate and Ashley Girls Night Out USA
353 Gulroz Chang Poo Japan
354 Donald Duck Advance USA
355 Angelique Japan
356 Power Pro Kun Pocket 4 Japan
357 Baseball Advance
358 Konami Collectors Series Arcade Advance
359 Motocross_Maniacs_Advance_USA
360 Motocross Maniacs Advance
361 Akumajou Dracula - Circle of the Moon
362 Broken Sword - The Shadow of the Templars
363 Groove Adventure Rave
364 Ice Age
365 Shrek Swamp Kart Speedway

301 WTA Tour Tennis Pocket Japan
302 Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 Europe
303 Peter Pan - Return to Neverland USA
304 Golden Sun France
305 ESPN Great Outdoor Games - Bass Tournament Europe
306 EZ-Talk 5 Japan
307 EZ-Talk 6 Japan
308 NBA Jam 2002 USA
306 EZ-Talk 5 Japan
307 EZ-Talk 6 Japan
308 NBA Jam 2002 USA
309 Captain Tsubasa - Eikou no Kiseki Japan
310 Pocket Music Europe
311 Virtual Kasparov Europe
312 Hot Wheels - Burnin Rubber Europe
313 Tom and Jerry - Magic Ring Europe
314 Planet Monsters Europe
315 Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius Europe
316 Chu Chu Rocket Europe
317 Moto GP Europe
318 Bomberman Max 2 - Bomberman Version Japan
319 Crash Bandicoot XS Europe
320 Goemon New Age Shutsudou! Japan
321 J-League Pocket 2 Japan
322 Mike_Tysons_Boxing
323 Land_Before_Time
324 Inspector_Gadget
325 Phalanx USA
326 Zone of the Enders - The Fist of Mars USA
327 An American Tail - Fievels Gold Rush Europe
328 Black Black Japan
329 Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival USA
330 Yuure Yashiki no Nijuuyon Jikan Japan
331 Domo-Kun no Fushigi Terebi Japan
332 Mail de Cute Japan
333 Bomberman Max 2 - Max Version Japan
334 Planet Of The Apes USA
335 Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 USA
336 High Heat Major League Baseball 2003 USA
337 NHL 2002 USA
338 Casper Europe
339 Sonic Advance Europe
340 Men in Black - The Series USA
341 Star Wars - Jedi Power Battles Europe
342 Top Gear GT Championship USA
343 Donald Duck Advance Japan
344 Estopolis Densetsu Japan
345 Crash Bandicoot - The Huge Adventure USA
346 Mike Tysons Boxing USA
347 Moto GP USA
348 Rainbow Six Rogue Spear USA
349 Space Invaders USA
350 Super Robot Taisen A China

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Flash Advance Linker
The Flash Advance Linker is the first professionial mass produced development and backup device for the Gameboy™ Advance. It lets us READ games data and save it on PC as ROMS. Just like a Cradle for your Palm or other Handheld Computer the GBA Flash Advance Linker is plugged in to the printer port of your PC. Once connected it can simply send and receive game ROM data from or to the plugged in game or Flash Cartridge. Read More

Reading out game ROM data (dumping)
Once your original GBA game has been plugged in to the Flash Advance Linker you can use the provided software to read out the rom data and save it to your local PC harddrive as a so-called ROM file. The Flash Advance Linker also lets you read out the savegame to store it in an extra file - you won't use any game data e.g. when the battery in your original GBA game gets empty. Read More

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More emulators on GBA! Added a section called Emulators on GBA. In it you can find the latest Pocket NES emulator that will let turn old NES roms into GBA roms! Also a few links to nes rom sites. If you know some more good NES sites, please, add them to the WebLinks

New 256M Flash Advance Card can hold up to 8 commercila game ROMS, 50 GBC roms, 100 NES roms or up to 1000 freeware roms

The Flash Advance 256M is the first professional mass produced flash Card for the Gameboy™ Advance.

Just like a Memory Stick from Sony, or like a Smart Card or Smart Media Card you are using for your MP3 Player, it will simply hold the game data in it's Flash Memory. Once you have sent games, demos or programs to it's memory using the Flash Advance Linker, it can simply be plugged into the Gameboy Advance and it will act like an original game!

The Flash Advance 256M will also allow you to store savegame data. This means once you've opened a lot of levels or you got some extra points in your game, you won't need to start from the scratch - it will save the game status just like an original cartridge with the game. Savegame data can be stored on your local PC Harddrive too, so you won't loose any data when you are using the flash card for other games.

Flash Advance 256M can be re-written, feel free to use it how often you want, as said, just like any other Flash Card on the market (Smart Media, Memory Stick etc.).

To write GBA ROMS to Flash Advance Cards you need Flash Linker and Flash Writer Software.See on-line demo of Flash Writer software at work!


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