GB Advance Battery Pack - REVIEW

GBA Battery & Adaptor (Joypad) - manufactured by Madcow is one of the coolest and also cheapest ($6.99!!!) add-on accessories for Gameboy Advance!

When bought my Black GBA first I was surprised how small it was! Well I love it for that but there is a price to pay because it is so small it is harder to hold and play for a long time :( Well my smaller brother didn't complain but his hands are much smaller too ;) I found out that it is more comfortable to play Zelda on my old Nintendo Gameboy Classic B/W because of its shape. So I was looking for a solution to make my long gaming hours easier.

So when I found Battery /Adaptor /Joypad at LikSang ordered it immediately! Waited 3 days for it to arrive and now you see it. Its is just perfect! Now my Gameboy feels more like Gravis Terminator JoyPad I have for PC! Perfect solution when I play at home. And when I go I just take it off and drop in a pair of regular rechargeable batteries so GBA takes up less space in my back pack. See the pictures I made >>>

So it is real comfortable but even more the Power Supply lets you recharge batteries while you play! Cool! So if start feeling that you are getting to old for GBA because its too small for your hands this is the accessory you need to get you back to gaming.

P.S. As you can see I'm replaying NES 8bit classic Kirby's Adventure on my GBA > find out how you can play NES, Sega, ZX Spectrum and more old console games on your GBA at ROM Morphing section!

Gabriel Romster

Product Features
Rechargeable battery pack. With grips in Joypad form Enhances your GameBoy Advance for a more comfortable gameplay. Recharge the batteries again and again

Would get 10 if I had a blue Game Boy -mine is black as you can see.. But I still like how the adapter looks

So much easier with the JoyPad adapter! You will feel it when you play for a longer period of time and your hands don't get tired!

Cool 3 in One!!!
1. Rechargeable battery pack
2. PlayStation JoyPad feel
3. AC Adapter to play without batteries!


Best add-on for the BEST price!

Price $6.99 US Dollars

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Battery Pack for GB Advance

Replaces regular batteries

GBA sits more comfortable in your hands


You can play games while recharging the batteries!

When you are at home play GBA plugged into the AC socket!

Doesn't it look like one of the new PC JoyPads?

In the package you get the add-on Battery pack and Power Supply

Buy it here at LikSang!

Price $6.99 US Dollars



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