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For all you people with CD Recorders. Downloa CDR and CD-RW soft that can copy PSX CDs. WinOnCD Power Edition - works great for PlayStation CDs!

Hellhound Nettowa-Ku
Got a site? Submit it to our growing site directory! We also have many roms for classic home consoles and handhelds! As well as an anime gallery and other downloads!

The UK's Best Emulation Website

"GBColor and GBAdvance Emulators for Windows, MacOS, BeOS and Linux, and All the best GBColor roms and new Roms"

This is a great site for Playstation Freak. You can emulate Playstation on your PC. This site provides everything including EMU,Plugin,Message board if u need help but they dont provide playstation iso'z so don't bother asking them for it. It's the no 1 top Playstation Emu Site around.

Gameboy Code Library
Codes Library for gameboy games and etc.


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