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Flash Advance Reday to go SET

64M / 128M / 254M Sets are available. In the Set you get the folowing items:
- Flash Advance Linker
- Flash Advance Card
- DB25 connection cable (extension cable)
- Original Flash Advance 110V-240V Power Supply

Flash Advance 256M ready to go Set 199.00 USD
Flash Advance 128M ready to go Set 159.00 USD
Flash Advance _64M ready to go Set 119.00 USD

Download Flash Advance Writer Software:
Win 95/98/Me version3.2 (with Gameback 3.2)
Win NT/ 2000 version3.2 (with Gameback 3.2)
Gameback 3.2 (Pre-Boot menu for Multigame)

Users Manual (PDF)

Flash Advance Cartridge

Rewriteable Flashcard that Supports multi rom function. Stores GBA and GBC roms (requires GB Bridge for playing GBC games). As small as an original GBA game Stores up to 8 commercial or over 1000 freeware roms (Minimum bank size 32kbyte) Supports SRAM, Flash and EEPROM saves (no patches required) Energy saving (consumpts around 50% less power than the old 64/128M cards)

Flash Advance 256M Card 179.00 USD
Flash Advance 128M Card 139.00 USD
Flash Advance _64M Card   99.00 USD

258M Card (can hold 8+ game roms)
128M Card (can hold 4+ game roms)
64M  Card  (can hold 2+ game roms)

GB Bridge 49.00 USD


Flash Advance Linker

Reads out ROM data from the game cartridge to PC. Sends roms data from PC to recordable Flash Card. Connects to printer port. Can be used with 6 AAA standard batteries. Cool transparent design. Can be used with a standard 9V power supply. Download and upload gamesaves into/from your original Game Cartridges!


Flash Advance Linker 35.00 USD

The GB e-merger

Tool to backup and program Gameboy COLOR games. Multiple games can be stored into one single 16M Card. Flash cards are rewriteable and with the build in SRAM Memory and special IC's (for save game data) you have exactly the same quality as on the original cartridge (including saving your game records). Furthermore the unit can be used to directly backup from one original Cartridge to the attached GB 16M Flash Card (multiple games are possible). Includes real time clock for games like Pokemon. With new ASIC chip can play games without patches.

GB e-merger 64M Set   99.00 USD
GB e-merger 16M Set   69.00 USD
GB e-merger 64M Card 79.00 USD
GB e-merger 16M Card 34.90 USD



GameBoy Advance

32-Bit ARM CPU with embedded memory
2.9 inch TFT Color LCD Screen (non-backlit)
240x160 resolution
40.8mm x 61.2mm screen size
32,768 possible colors
511 simultaneous colors in character mode
32,768 simultaneous colors in bitmap mode
Size 144w x 82h x 25d (mm)
Weight 140g
Power 2 AA batteries Battery Life 15 hours

Fully compatible with all games, also Game Boy and Game Boy Color games!

Gameboy Advance 98.00 USD


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RPG Game
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Golden Sun
RPG Game
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Advance Wars
RPG Game
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GameBoy Advance TV Converter NEW!

This GBA to TV converter is a peripheral that will enable gamers to play their GameBoy Advance on any television with A/V (or S-Video) inputs. This unit consist of a cable that will plug into the GBA-TV converter , witch is combined with GBA console , and route the audio and video signal to the Standard RCA A/V (or S-Video) ports on the other end.

AVC Soul MP3 CD Player

The new Soul Player by AVC is MP3 technology at its best! With ID3 Tag support, Mode Select, and the ability to read both CD-R's and CD-WR's, this player is the best in its class.
Price: $129


MPFit MP3 CD Player + CarAdapter Kit

Get the stylish MPFit, and listen to your MP3's! New features include a handy remote control and the ability to view song titles!
Price: $79


MPTrip MP3 CD Player

One of the very first MP3 CD Players on the Market! Now you can record MP3 files to a 650 megabyte CD-R or CD-RW and play them directly on our MP3 player.
Price: $49