While Spark* prides itself on the quality and quantity of its fast-breaking news service, there comes a time in every news service`s life when it must ignore its regular sources, turn a blind eye on resourcefulness, and scrape the bottom of the barrel for stories.
Today is such a day, and we make no apologies. After reading this story, please try to bear in mind that we`re normally quite good.

Anyway, everybody knows that the Game Boy Advance isn`t built for all-weather play. Those dark, murky nights inside can prove to be an unsurpassable hurdle if some precision lighting isn`t strategically placed directly above the LCD screen.

After numerous hours of quite literally mucking about, we discovered this little gem to keep you occupied on those dark, dark evenings.

Insert any cartridge into your GBA. Switch on the power and the floaty Game Boy Advance logo should appear as the system boots up. Before boot-up is complete, switch the system back off. Now, switch it on again, and quickly hold down the Start and Select buttons. You should hear a short jingle from Super Mario World.

You can now press either the A or B buttons before boot-up is complete to hear another short sound effect.

Lame, we know, but we`ll put money on the fact that 93.7% of all GBA owners reading this will try it out.

Go on, give it a bash. You know you want to. To make it more exciting, you can close your eyes as you do it and pretend that you’re about to play the forthcoming Super Mario Advance 2. But don’t tell anyone you’re doing that – as they’ll laugh at you.