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PocketNES is a Nintendo 8-bit emulator for Gameboy Advance. With it you can take a .NES rom and turn it into .GBA rom that can be played on Emulator and whats more importand on GBA!!! Game Compatibility List

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nes2gba tool
If you put nes2gba + PocketNES and all your NES roms in the same directory, than run nes2gba.bat - it will automaticly make GBA rom with all the nes.rom files! Easy! good for people who dont know DOS!

NES Rom Sites:
Kirby's Adventure nes.gba
Michael's Site
AN&TG's ROM site


Famicom Advance
FamicomAdvance is a NES emulator for the Gameboy Advance. The emulator is in Japanese and has good compatibility and sound.

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NES Rom Sites:
Michael's Site
AN&TG's ROM site

Nintendo roms, nes roms, Nintendo nes roms, gameboy advance, nes roms on gba, pocketnes, pocket nes, pocket nes emulator, famico advance, nes games on gba, nes games on gameboyNintendo NES ROMs on Gameboy Advance. You can play NES roms on GBA using PocketNES emulator or Famico Advance emulator. NES game together with Pocket NES Emulator is added to GBA.ROM on Flash Card

Flash Advance 256M setWhenyou have created GBA roms from the NES roms using PocketNES you can Write them to Flash Advance Card and PLAY them on GameBoy Advance! GoodGameboy Advance thing about NES roms is that they are small and that means that you can have a lot of games on one Flash Card (40+ on one Flash Card!)

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Flash 256M Advance Cartridge

Rewriteable Flashcard that Supports multi rom function. Stores GBA and GBC roms (requires GB Bridge for playing GBC games). As small as an original GBA game Stores up to 8 commercial or over 1000 freeware roms (Minimum bank size 32kbyte). With Emulators for GBA you can also play old NES, SEGA, Spectrum, Arcade and other console roms on your GBA! Supports SRAM, Flash and EEPROM saves (no patches required) Energy saving (consumpts around 50% less power than the old 64/128M cards)

Flash Advance 256M Card 179.00 USD
Flash Advance 128M Card 139.00 USD
Flash Advance _64M Card   99.00 USD


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