GameBoy Advance Flash Linker: Flash Advance Linker

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Buy new GameBoy Advance Flash Linker or Flash Advance Linker ready to go SET and play GBA roms free! Download Flash Writer Software Users Manual Advance Flash Tutorial. Best price on 256M flash card



Ok .. The package was not as nice as i tought it would but still okay :) everything was in good conditions exept i have to pay for some taxes .. :( which is around $2 USD. Well hell with that so i got the FLASH LINKER already ! :) hehehehe there's the picture of the package make sure u recieve it like that when u order from Lik-Sang. A different packaging might be a bomb or something ahahaha :) just be care full.



So there's the UPS logo air cargo sercive. Although it says cash on delivery ( i dunno why they put that but all payment are at liksang u just have to pay a tax or something depending on your countries post office.







Peekaboo.. heheheh there's my Lik-Sang logo. Wow i'm really glad its the right package and not a bomb or anthing. Cant wait to open that :)






Lalalala Lik-Sang yay Lik-Sang yay !! sliding out the box from the UPS package as shown on the picture beside. <----





Ok here's what the package consist of. There's a cable and an adaptor for the power supply 2 pins and one Flash Catridge mine is 128M and the Flash Linker it self :

1. Cable LPT Port
2. Flash Linker
3. 128M Flash Catridge
4. Driver for the FLASH UNIT
5. Adaptor
6. Some Spongue




Here's the Flash Card Looks like :) really nice huh silver in color WOW ! heheheh i really love the packaging makes it looks really expensive stuff :) (well it is actually) haha :) cant wait to open it :)







And here's how the FLASH LINKER UNIT looks like. Pretty cool huh. Simple design and its a very use full tool :)






Ok now i'm removing the cover for the flash CARD. Hahah i noticed they use the business card holder for the FLASH CARD casing but what the hell it still looks nice and stylish :)





There it is JENG JENG. The 128M Flash catridge. (wish i had 256) hehehh but 128M is ought to be enough for everyone. Lets take a closer look shall we.






Pekaboo. There's the 128M Flash Linker u can see thru and see the chips and battry and stuff but the casing is a bit loose if u drop the catridge and thats it all will be dissasambled.






Now lets take a look inside the FLASH UNIT. Wow look at that sparkling shining like a brand new motorbike :). This is how the flash Linker looks like pretty simple but a very usefull toll for GBA Game Developers. Not usefull to a normal user ;P !!!





Ok this is the LPT Port plug it in into the FLASH LINKER As Shown.







Like this. I dont screw them up if u like to tighten them just screw them in but i dont recomend u do that coz i hate it !! :) dunno why.






Here's the adaptor power supply uniot plug it in into your DC AC Supply and put it in here as shown.







This is the switch now turn it on







You'll see a red light turned on - means the linker is working. If u dont see this red light send your FLASH LINKER back to Lik-Sang and get a refund.






Now place in your FLASH CARD and you're ready to copy games and develop them :) not play them .. okay ? get it ???? ;P !!!


So are you ready to get your Flash Linker and start backuping your Game ROMS?

Flash Advance Reday to go SET

64M / 128M / 254M Sets are available. In the Set you get the folowing items:
- Flash Advance Linker
- Flash Advance Card
- DB25 connection cable (extension cable)
- Original Flash Advance 110V-240V Power Supply

Flash Advance 256M ready to go Set 199.00 USD
Flash Advance 128M ready to go Set 159.00 USD
Flash Advance _64M ready to go Set 119.00 USD