Visual Boy Advance 0.9 (Latest Version)
The best Emulator for GBA. Can play GBA roms and also old GBC and Gamboy Mono ROMS! So this is the only emulator Gameboy you will need! You can only use this program with backup images of cartridges you own. The author is not responsible for illegal use nor is encouraging piracy. Don't email me asking for ROMs.

VBA v 0.9 for Win 9x/Me/2000

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Boycott Advance 0.2.6 (Latest Version)
BoycottAdvance 0.2.6 !!! UPDATE Additional Fix for Sonic Advance (Thanks Leto II).

for Windows 9x/ME/2000 ENG

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Dream GBA 2.5 (Latest Version)
Fixed some CPU bugs Add support for Large EEPROM support (SuperMario Advance 2).

for Windows 98/ME/2000 ENG
BIOS For Dream GBA

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GBA Battery Pack / JoyPad review - READ NOW



Gameboy Advance Emulators

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Download GAMEBOY Advance EMUATORS Latest NEW versions of Visual Boy Advance Boycott advance Dream GBA and more. Gameboy advance roms VBA Flash Advance Linker and play GBA roms on gameboy free

This GBA to TV converter is a peripheral that will enable gamers to play their GameBoy Advance on any television with A/V (or S-Video) inputs. This unit consist of a cable that will plug into the GBA-TV converter , witch is combined with GBA console , and route the audio and video signal to the Standard RCA A/V (or S-Video) ports on the other end.

AVC Soul MP3 CD Player
The new Soul Player by AVC is MP3 technology at its best! With ID3 Tag support, Mode Select, and the ability to read both CD-R's and CD-WR's, this player is the best in its class.

Price: $129


MPFit MP3 CD Player + CarAdapter Kit
Get the stylish MPFit, and listen to your MP3's! New features include a handy remote control and the ability to view song titles!

Price: $79



Flash Advance Linker
The Flash Advance Linker is the first professionial mass produced development and backup device for the Gameboy™ Advance. Just like a Cradle for your Palm or other Handheld Computer the GBA Flash Advance Linker is plugged in to the printer port of your PC. Once connected it can simply send and receive game ROM data from or to the plugged in game or Flash Cartridge.

Basicly flash linker allows u to play ROMS on your Gameboy ADVANCE without hassle.

Reading out game ROM data (dumping)
Once your original GBA game has been plugged in to the Flash Advance Linker you can use the provided software to read out the rom data and save it to your local PC harddrive as a so-called ROM file. The Flash Advance Linker also lets you read out the savegame to store it in an extra file - you won't use any game data e.g. when the battery in your original GBA game gets empty.

Flash Advance 64M ready to go Set

for only 119$

in the Set you get:
- Flash Advance Linker 35$

- Flash Advance 64M Card 99$
- DB25 Cable 4.99$


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