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If You would like to back-up your GameBoy and GB Color games or play on your Gameboy (or GB Advance) game roms you have downloaded from the Internet you need GB E-Merger.

E-Merger uses rewriteable Flash cards with build in SRAM Memory for save game data. You have exactly 100% the same quality as on the original cartridge including saving your game records. With e-merger you can transfer game data from cartridge to PC or from PC to Flash Card. You can also backup game cartridge directly to Flash Card, but than you can only store one game on the Flash Card.

From PC Multiple games can be stored into one single E-Card. On one 64M e-card you can store from 2 to 256 game ROMS.
GB /SGB game romz are on avarage 1M (1/4M - 4M). GBC romz are ~8M but can be as big us 32M (Perfect Dark).

What makes E-Merger better than others?
- Real time clock for games like Pokemon that need a Card with built in timer (other flash cards don't have it).
- New ASIC chip can play games without patches.
-Additional 2M Flash - To manage multi-games and GB menu automatically (all space can be used for games - no need to add the menu manualy)
-Can be used to play Gameboy and Gameboy Color games on the Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance

GB e-merger 16M Set $64.90
GB e-merger 64M Set $99.00

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