Everybody knows that GameBoy Advance is a pretty powerful hardware with its 32-Bit ARM CPU. It has enough horsepower to run emulators of other consoles on it! There are many programmers working on software that "transforms" console game roms (ZX Spectrum, NES, SEGA, MAME and others) into .GBA ROMS that can be write to Flash Advance Card and than used in GameBoy or played on an Emulator! So the old games are reborn and the owners of Flash Cards can now play thousands of games on GBA.


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Flash Advance Card
Classic Nintendo, SEGA and Spectrum
ROMS become Advance and portable!

When you have injected NES / SMS or Z80 rom into a emulator and created a .GBA rom you can write it to Flash Card and play it on your GBA! Emulator running on GameBoy will let you save games in the Flash Cards memory. Old games take up very little memory compared to the new GB games, so you can have
~800 Z80 roms / ~100 NES / ~100 SegaMS roms on one 256M card compared to 8 GBA roms! Kind of cool to have all your favorite old games like Zelda, Kirby, Sonic, Contra, Donkey Kong + + + all on one Flash Advance Card!!!

64M / 128M / 254M Sets are available. In the Set you get the following items:
- Flash Advance Linker
- Flash Advance Card
- DB25 connection cable (extension cable)
- Original Flash Advance 110V-240V Power Supply

Flash Advance 256M ready to go Set 199.00 USD
Flash Advance 128M ready to go Set 159.00 USD
Flash Advance _64M ready to go Set 119.00 USD

AVC Soul MP3 CD Player
The new Soul Player by AVC is MP3 technology at its best! With ID3 Tag support, Mode Select, and the ability to read both 700MB CD-R's and CD-WR's, this player is the best in its class.

Supported formats:
- MP3 CD
- AudioCD
- WAM CD (Widows Audio Media)

+ Remote control
+ Cool LCD to display song titles and for easy directory browsing

Price: $129